Plant it and They Will Come.

 My family and I went to  check on my sisters papaya tree and  were rewarded in more ways than one.


 A spinyback orbweaver spider built it’s web from the mango tree to the papaya tree, a true opportunist.


I would have named you Pawpaw.

003 006

Our tentative friendship is pending but I love you lizard.


038Lady Luck chasing ants, missing her bib.

Now for us humans. We decided to cut the “turn” papaya,meaning they are in between unripened and ripe, to avoid insects from burrowing into the fruit before we could eat them. “Turn” papaya is green on the outside with yellow streaks. The inside is orange/yellow and firm, slightly sweet.


And 2 yummy salads were born. Version 1 is papaya, spring mix, almonds,tomatoes and grated ginger.


Version 2. I seasoned the papaya with cayenne pepper, allspice, and sauteed in olive oil. Then I added the seasoned papaya to spring mix, tomatoes, almonds, and drizzled with agave nectar. Heaven in our mouths.


Thank you God for our papaya trees, the source of life for many.

7 thoughts on “Plant it and They Will Come.

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