She loves Dark Angel

I’m sorry Precious Bryant had to leave us but happy we can still bang our  tambourines,feet, and hands to her songs. She, gutsy to start her career on stage  and in the studio rather late,  is still keeping me company years after I plucked her CD off the shelves at Borders book store. I’m grateful.


I hope she had plenty of these…


Speaking of randomness, remember  Dark Angel? The futuristic science fiction  TV series about a genetically enhanced woman who slowly pieces together her past while fighting crime blah blah.

Courtesy of IMDB

Courtesy of IMDB

Yes, I watched the show religiously, I often fantasize of alternate realities…aren’t we all tired of the term  sci fi geek?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Look who else is a fan of the show,

As you can listen, the songs from her albums are vibrant,infectious, and pure. How lucky are we?

Thank you Ms. Bryant! Rest Well.

Walk Slowly

I fell in love with Mason Mills park located in Decatur Georgia. Blown to smithereens, abandoned, seized during war, a former flour mill and later water plant, the grounds have been reborn into what locals call ‘the ruins’. All of which you can read about at

The park has all the other typical park stuff, like tennis courts and playground, but I fell in love with the South Peachtree Creek Trail.

Georgia 002

I promise I’m not stalking you lady…but I like to pretend. Muahhahahahaahahaaaaa.

Georgia 005

Georgia 007

Georgia 009

She turned back after this, but not before we talked about her grand kids.

Georgia 010

I never stood above a train before, only under or level. I waited for a train to pass through but it never came. Would the bridge I was standing on rattle if a train passes by? What kind of train chugs through, a passenger  or freight train?

Georgia 017

Georgia 019

Georgia 023

Georgia 030

Georgia 039

Georgia 042

Georgia 043

Georgia 047

Georgia 052

Georgia 055

I can’t get rid of the notion that the characters sprayed on the walls of the ruins peel themselves off and frolic in the fountain at night…maybe they even jump on the outside of a passing train and visit their equally colorful friends in neighboring areas or in midtown Atlanta. Assuming a still life pose as  human insomniacs and night owls pass by, they finally reach their destination. And graffiti madness ensues.

Georgia 061

Georgia 068

Georgia 065
Georgia 063

Georgia 076

Georgia 041

Georgia 050

Georgia 097

Georgia 101

Georgia 105

Just as I spot 2 of  of the many birds trilling in the trees,  cardinals in a wrestling match, the batteries in my camera died. My time in Georgia had the same kind of ending. Shivering, I stopped and watched.