Njagabaar bi

November 2014

Djoudj National Park. North of St. Louis, Senegal.


Waiting for our tour guide.


Puffer fish.

Finally onboard our boat, we watched awestruck as women waded neck deep in the water gathering water lillies. Traditionally dressed with headwraps, they gracefully bobbed up and down to cut the flower at the stem. They sell the flowers at a market. We did not photograph the women.IMG_9757





Our first glimpse…



Breeding grounds of the Great White Pelican(Njagabaar bi in Wolof. Wolof is the language of Senegal.)







We saw a variety of birds in Djoudj National Park. I identified egrets and herons. The park has over 400 species of birds and  other wildlife. You can read more about the Great White Pelican here.

3 thoughts on “Njagabaar bi

  1. That’s a lot of birds.
    The thing floating is a bloated puffer fish, it’s hard to make out what is is because it’s upside down.
    Bloated most likely because a fisherman caught it. They puff up with air or water when scared or caught.

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