I dreamt years ago that I would travel to Paris to meet someone I loved. In the dream I  wandered through crowded Parisian  shops and abandoned buildings trying to find a way to some unknown place. Finally I arrived at a beautifully lit garden and there was my person. My dream ended without a face or body, and left me with a feeling of relief, warmth and comfort.

Unsuprisingly, I met one of my best friends in Paris this summer. A lot of tears , maniacal laughter, and dancing would ensue. The picture taking was scarce . One of my most memorable moments was our long train ride into the suburbs to have a post Ramadan feast with my friend Aminata and her beautiful family.

Like all of my close friends, I love Janine because she is free.I love her because she is my friend, a sister, daughter, and fighter. Yeah, I also love her because she’s great at reading maps and without her I would have ended up in Kazakhastan.

I might bore you to tears with more stories about my friends, though they are very few. The importance of sisterhood has definitely been stressed this year and I am beyond grateful.



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